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Some owners have urged league leaders to consider penalties that could include a fine or suspension for Jones or the loss of a draft pick or picks by the Cowboys. There have been reports about the possibility of the league attempting to force Jones to sell the franchise. Jones has dismissed that scenario as laughable, and the person with knowledge of the deliberations of the owners and the league office agreed that is far fetched..

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cheap jerseys The brieffootage offers a macabre glimpseof Nikolas Cruz, who was arrested not long after the Feb. His guilt has not been questioned. Police said he confessed, and his attorneys readily admit he was the gunman. Part of the reason Gruden believes this, he said, is the addition of new defensive backs coach Ray Horton, the former Cardinals and Titans defensive coordinator who has had success in the past working with cornerbacks. He said that Norman “wants to be coached” and “will adjust his game” if it is best for the team. He added that the incident during last October’s loss at New Orleans when he yanked headphones from Norman’s head in the halftime locker room was “a misunderstanding.”. cheap jerseys

They were tested Sunday by the conditions as much as by the Redskins. Passing was an adventure. Any change of direction was challenging. If Griffin can provide meaningful minutes, the Clippers have the talent to become a decent team. Baron Davis, Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman are good players. The question becomes whether this group can transcend the mindset that has plagued this team since they arrived from Buffalo and think like winners.

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One catch for 27 yards was not what drafters had in mind when they took the second year player in the fifth or sixth round, and the fact he had to leave the game against the Panthers with a knee injury, combined with the overall lousiness of Jacksonville’s offense, may have further soured some owners. But Robinson appeared to shake off that injury, and was targeted a solid six times, including a couple of times in the end zone. He won’t usuallyface coverage as sticky as that provided by talented Carolina cornerback Josh Norman, but he will continue to play inan offense that lacks much weaponry, especially while TE Julius Thomas is out, and the Jags can’t afford to ignore Robinson’s size and athleticism.