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At no time in a football season are we learning more (and therefore guessing more) than during the first few weeks. Our performance against data is based on the year prior, before rosters and coaching staff changed in the offseason, and we’re evaluating players based on six months to a year ahead of Week 1. In other words, we’re throwing darts a lot of the time.

I have four beautiful girls, a teen, a toddler, and twins. I have a husband who makes me laugh harder than anyone else, and I make money doing the one thing I genuinely enjoy doing writing. In short, I am blessed.For those who know me well, know that I forget my keys daily, at least, and have locked them in my car running on more than one occasion.

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Both Hadnot and Fujita described athletic trainers distributing drugs to players while traveling an apparent violation of federal law. Under the Controlled Substances Act, only properly licensed doctors and practitioners can dispense drugs and only in states where they are registered to practice. The act also contains strict requirements for acquiring, logging, storing, labeling and transporting drugs..

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