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But then again, given the strength of the east wind, some or all of the group might opt to go to nearby Dead Man’s Island instead. Opinions were being taken. Observations were being made. The new upper weights would be 172, 189, 215 and 285.It would be the first weight class change in PIAA history which eliminated a weight class. Previously, the PIAA and National Federation of High Schools have added weight classes four previous times: 1942 (from 10 to 11), 1960 (from 11 to 12), 1989 (from 12 to 13) and 2003 (from 13 to 14).The PIAA was expecting to get some direction this year from the NFHS on weight class suggestions, but in its April meeting, the country guiding force on high school sports tabled its discussion about weight classes. The PIAA wrestling steering committee recommendations came a year after its initial proposal on new weight classes called for a reduction to 12.But District 4 wrestling chairman Dave Campbell said after the steering committee meeting there was no interest from the committee to move to 12.idea actually came about two years ago to reduce weight classes and it was tabled at the national level, the PIAA Chief Operating Officer Mark Byers said.

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