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After his presidential one on one, Scott said it was those same themes that drove him to ask for a meeting with the president. “What I wanted to https://www.globwholesalejerseys.com get out of the conversation was a focus on fairness and opportunity,” the senator also told CBS News. “Most people of color, and frankly all Americans, want to be treated fairly in this nation, and they want access to opportunities.”.

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Outlook: Grace Pytynia Hillier averaged 13 points per game and earned second team all PIL honors last season, and coach Poeko Waiwaiole said she’s improved immensely. “She is one of the best shooters in the city, but she can do everything else handle the ball, attack the rim, make plays for teammates and play great defense on and off the ball that other good shooters in the city can’t,” Waiwaiole said. Center Lindsey Hausafus, forward Elsie Kloeppel and point guard Kaiea Waiwaiole also will play key roles, and the Warriors have a few freshmen who should make a splash in the lineup.

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