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A 46 yard pass from Drew Brees to Cameron Meredith set up the Saints’ third score, and Brees broke Peyton Manning’s career passing record with a 62 yard touchdown strike to rookie Tre’Quan Smith late in the second quarter. All told, New Orleans had five plays of at least 20 yards before halftime. Two more on a quick touchdown drive to start the third quarter broke the game open.

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Cheap Jerseys from china The Chiefs have consulted with the American Indian Center of the Great Plains about the team’s imagery and customs, including its use of the pregame war drum, and a leader of that group told the Kansas City Star in 2017 that fewer fans were coming to games in face paint and headdresses. But the tomahawk chop remains a staple of the home field experience. The Star’s editorial board in November called for the team to do away with the chant, calling it “a bad look for Kansas City and an affront to Native Americans.” The team has reportedly asked broadcasters not to televise fans wearing headdresses or Native American regalia costumes at Arrowhead Stadium but hasn’t heeded calls from some indigenous groups to ban them from the facility.. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys china John Keim takes a position by position look at the Redskins’ roster heading into training camp, beginning with linebackers:Decisions: This looks like a rather easy position to handicap. If the Redskins keep nine linebackers, as they did two years ago (they kept eight last year), then it would be difficult for anyone in the “rest” category to win a spot. But if Tapp can’t play or if Jenkins struggles, it opens a path for someone else. Cheap Jerseys china

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Osweiler, a fifth year pro, is still young, at 25. He’s made only 14 NFL starts. There is time for the improvement that now is so clearly needed. This week will see a double whammy against McCoy. The Texans have the fourth best run defense this season (3.4 yards allowed per carry) with a league low one rushing touchdown against in 2018. Plus, the Bills are an underdog on the road, meaning they should be trailing more often than they lead, generating fewer rushing opportunities for McCoy: In 2018, the Bills run the ball 64 percent of the time when ahead but just 36 percent of the time when trying to catch up.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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