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I been thinking about the idea that players with COVID 19 shouldn be named. My first reaction was, they shouldn But, doesn the NFL publish injury reports several times a week during the season? I know I heard about players having the flu or being sick after eating contaminated food. Couldn it easily be argued that these reports violate HIPPA? Is there a stigma attached to having COVID 19 that prevents it from being reported? I not saying I know the answer just wondering about precedent regarding reporting injuries (including sickness) and if that shouldn apply to COVID 19; or is all of this reporting a violation of HIPPA..

He left Park Senior School, now home to the Oakfield campus, with one O Level and has since worked in a variety of manual jobs, including warehousing and fork lift driving.He started working as a porter at Oakfield in 2002 and the setting spurred him on to do something about his lifetime interest in literature. He enrolled on a distance learning course in writing, and took two part time courses at the campus to learn more about the art of creative writing.When he started out, he did not have access to a computer until a colleague let him have an old one. He has since finished a further two novels since the 71,000 word The House.”I’ve always been interested in writing and wanted to have a go, but I’ve just been too busy living,” said Mr Sims.”The courses gave me the confidence to start writing.

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