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It’s worth noting (or not, depending on where you fall in those three categories above), that the tracklisting of this album does not duplicate or follow that of the original. So, it opens with ‘Boyfriend,’ just a few rounded plucks on the guitar strings and he’s heavy breathing into the mic “yyyyeeeaaaah. Listen,” like one of those phone calls that you’re supposed to hang up on straight away, after shouting “how did you get my number!?” The breathy ‘come to bed’ vocals continue throughout the track.

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In 1973, RT broadcast a series of short films that McCabe adapted from his own short stories. Cancer, Heritage and Siege shown under the banner Victims captured life on the Border in the early years of the Troubles. The stories were eventually collected in a volume, Christ in the Fields, which was published in the mid 1990s..

A ventilator tube isn used with Bubble CPAP. Instead, air pressure is transmitted from the nose, and the baby own breathing regulates how high the pressure needs to be. The key to regulating air pressure in the lungs is controlling the exhaled breath.

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