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“This is probably one of the most beautiful fish I’ve ever gotten to see up close, he said. “I caught this fish in Willowbrook Park; it weighed 16 pounds and is about 33 inches long. Whenever I get a fish above ten pounds, people usually walk over to look at it, and I ask them to take a photo for me.” He then releases them back into the water and watches them swim away.

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I didn’t have time or, rather, I didn’t make time to experience any art, save for the Chopin nocturnes and Mozart arias playing in the background at the dinner party. Not only did I see no plays or ballets, but I didn’t listen to any music, nor did I read any new Isaac Bashevis Singer stories in between returning phone calls, answering e mail, and fussing with my schedule. I wouldn’t say it was awastedday, but neither can I say that I stopped very often or smelled many roses”This is a blog about the arts in New York City and the rest of America, written by Terry Teachout.

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