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You need to excite the base.”Angela Rye, a Democratic strategist and the former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus, who also signed the op ed, called Klobuchar a “non starter.”Klobuchar’s boosters counter that Donald Trump will drive out the Democratic base no matter what, and that the key Rust Belt states that Democrats have to win play to Klobuchar’s strengths.”I think she could help put the upper Midwest in play, and that’s an invaluable asset,” said Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who backed Bernie Sanders during the presidential primary. He also noted that “there are a lot of black people” in the Midwest, in cities like Detroit and Milwaukee, who will also be key for Democrats in winning back those states.”I think the base is going to be excited enough because, before, Trump was an idea, now Trump is the reality,” Ellison continued.Klobuchar has been working to improve her relationships with minority activists and politicians since she dropped out of the presidential race. She endorsed a slate of racially and regionally diverse candidates in down ballot races.

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