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A COVID 19 positive test result is a requirement for reporting any death as due to the coronavirus.FLORIDA TODAY, part of the USA TODAY Network, first reported that cause of death and descriptive entries of the medical examiners database were suppressed from public record in April. The Tampa Bay Times earlier in April reported that the count of the deaths by medical examiners diverged from the Department of Health’s death count, at times by as much as 10%.FLORIDA TODAY published unredacted versions of that database after it had been blocked from public release.Dr. Stephen J Nelson, the chairman of the state’s medical examiners commissionWhy the state suddenly changed its position is not clear.”I think they’ve realized it’s a public record,” Nelson said.

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FOP then writes the danger of the proposed citizens review board is that its review of police action is on politics and responding to the public, saying it fears that creating a board that appointed by Cheap Jerseys free shipping the mayor and reports to a single elected official results in a body that will frame its reporting on the political needs of that elected official, intentionally or not. FOP ends its comments by again asking the board of directors to vote against the citizens review board ordinance. The board will vote on the ordinance at Tuesday evening meeting, and it must receive a majority vote in order to be enacted..

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