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Los inmigrantes indgenas indocumentados tambin tienen acceso a menos recursos gubernamentales. No pueden recibir beneficios de desempleo, pero el gobernador de California en abril anunci un esfuerzo de alivio de $ 125 millones para ayudar a unos 150,000 californianos sin estatus legal de inmigracin. La propuesta ofrecera subsidios en efectivo de $ 500 para individuos y hasta $ 1,000 para familias.

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It time to pivot and to reinvent our mousetrap. For example, Easy Lift is having its reservation staff work remotely. All calls are forwarded to their cell phone and they take appointments so we can still provide rides for people. Unusually heavy spring rains were the first hint of the impending disaster this week, pouring into local lakes until the century old Edenville Dam could take no more. As it gave way, water levels dropped precipitously, as if somebody had pulled the plug. The torrents rampaged on, damaging a second dam and forcing 11,000 residents to flee from the Midland area.

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