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My stroke. In April, 2011 I suffered several mini strokes, followed by a major stroke several days later. My post stroke symptoms included, severe fatigue, limited use and movement of my left arm and leg, depression and apathy. I have shied away from painting with oils even though it is one of my favorite mediums. There are too many toxic ingredients involved. I am always searching for new art forms that are aesthetically pleasing and also functional..

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/ Our roots run deep in this country, now that’s a true fact We don’t want your jobs. We don’t want your money. / We’re here to work hard, pay taxes, and study.”. “We are targeting $4 billion from the Galaxy A series over the calendar year. Just in the first 40 days starting March 1, we have sold a total of two million units of three Galaxy ‘A’ models in India A50, A30, and A10. The revenue turnover from these three phones in 40 days is $500 million.

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We relaxed into the meal; I was glad my venturing out had been to mark a special occasion. The auralike sensation of COVID 19 danger never receded nor should it have. We asked our server, upbeat and ever moving throughout our meal, how he was doing and how things had been.

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