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But now they are cautionary tales. Griffin is on his third NFL team. Newton has totaled 41 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions over the past two seasons, pointing to issues in his attempt to develop as a pocket passer. It was, as Shurmur points out, just “a one game sample size.” But there was something in the quality of that victory that suggests the Giants may have found their next great quarterback. “He’s one of the smartest players I ever been around,” Shepard says. Asked whether he has seen any change in Jones’s demeanor over the past week since he went from jeered joke to Wonder Boy in the space of a Sunday, Shepherd replied, “You see the same thing, which is great, and what you want to see: the same guy every day that’s going to come to work and handle business.

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UPDATE: Anheuser Busch has nowissued a statement expressing that it is “increasingly concerned” over the way the NFL has handled its domestic violence troubles. But the league acts with impunity it’s outside the reach of Congress, even when senators send sternly worded letters condemning it. Despite cries from groups such asthe National Organization for Women for Commissioner Roger Goodell to step down or be fired, there’s little indication that will happen.

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wholesale jerseys from china It just making sure guys are getting the reps that we need, Gase said. Other thing is to be able to practice, we got to have better numbers and right now, I think we at six at the wideout spot. Hopefully we get some of those guys back this week. The blows knocked Orpik unconscious. The NHL suspended Thornton 15 games. Orpik later reported horrible headaches and memory loss; he said he had no recollection of Thornton’s assault wholesale jerseys from china.