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The lasting images of the Nationals’ night will be their second champagne soaked celebration in a week. It will be Soto, drenched in Budweiser and bubbles, trying to yell over the music as reporters peppered him with questions. It will be the young outfielder, still too young to legally drink alcohol, reaching into the recycling bin for an empty bottle to hold while he danced with his teammates.

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On April 22, organizers withVenceremos, a worker led organization that advocates for the rights of poultry workers in Arkansas, brought a petition signed by more than 170 Tyson workers to one of the company’s plants in Springdale. They demanded better benefits for workers, including full paid sick leave, and greater transparency about known cases of the virus. Since then, Tyson has announced that workers sickened with COVID 19 will receive short term disability wages equivalent to 90 percent of their normal pay, rather than the lower rate offered previously..

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