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The first thing when I thought when I read Mong’s note on page 2 of the Morning News was to wonder what was going to be cut to make room for the expanded international, national, and regional news (the only thing he listed as being an improvement that I was personally excited about). But, as you point out, many of the cuts have already happened. Bark), the paper is becoming more and more like so many blogs: editing content that is produced elsewhere rather than trying to generate good content itself.

Interpretation Notes: The site at Hervey Range is at elevation (590m) making it a fairly good site for Townsville’s main weather watch radar. It does however suffer some obstruction to its view due to the higher terrain around the region. Mt Elliott (1234m) lies approximately 40km to the ESE and considerably restricts the radar’s ability to see light to moderate precipitation echoes in that direction.

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