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Mayor Martin Horwitz said the first challenge was finding a location for the garden. The city first looked at space near its Barkwood dog park at City Park East, on the east side of Richmond Road, at Shaker Boulevard. The mayor decided against using the space because it would necessitate removing 20 trees and would “ruin the aesthetic of the park.” In addition, the park does not have a direct water supply to provide for the garden..

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Stone noted it was of feverish rock grit imbued with a fierce stomp from start to finish. AllMusic said has rekindled the fire with one of her tightest and most inspirational records to date. Second installment in a trilogy of albums focusing on spirit, body and mind, she opens with the deliciously rocking Red Thread and keeps the volume turned up on the terrific, hook laden synth rock of Being and the punkish pounding, Chrissie Hynde flavored Healer.

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