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Reagor is a bit of a wild card for me. If the 49ers don get Jeudy or Ruggs at 13, I actually think he might be the guy they draft at 31 (or after a trade back into the 2nd). For mine Reagor is a 2nd rounder that isn quite the dynamic athlete he was made out to be (which testing confirmed), but he is still very explosive with decent hands and good after the catch.

Cheap Jerseys from china You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeLeicester Tigers captain Tom Youngs has spoken of the confusion that was caused by the mention of furloughs and pay cuts.Thousands of people across Leicestershire have been furloughed by their employers due to the fast spreading Covid 19 and the dangers it presents.And the danger is not just to health, but to business as well.Leicester Tigers have certainly felt that with Premiership Rugby postponed indefinitely.The club has therefore been forced to furlough some of its staff as well as applying pay cuts.The players had also reportedly been approached about taking a 25 per cent pay cut with some other members being approached with a 20 per cent cut.Speaking on LTTV Weekly, head coach, Geordan Murphy, and club captain Tom Youngs answered the controversy that had been reported in the national press, where it was claimed that players had sought legal action.Geordan Murphy said: “I think I learned over my coaching career at Leicester that there is always going to be stuff in the media that isn factually correct.”We had it a lot over the course of this season. And this again is another case of a lot of false information.”Yes, undoubtedly guys were slightly confused at the beginning, as we all were in regards to what things were and everyone has sought advice from different angles and approaches.”We as a club have tried to keep the playing group massively involved in the decision making process. This week we had Zoom calls which were solely the chairman, CEO and myself, head of operations and the playing group alone and we had really constructive zoom conversations where every member of the squad was involved.”Murphy said that everyone had the opportunity to have their say on the matter and stressed the importance of the club working together through this unprecedented time.Captain Tom Youngs also had his say on the situation, saying that the players perhaps “didn understand what it all meant”.”It was all coming thick and fast and answers weren there and stuff like that,” he said.”One thing I would say that from a playing point of view it has always been about helping the club through this tough time, it hasn been anything but that.”But it had to be regarding us understanding what it all entailed.”And I think, you know, some people go different ways and try and answer those questions and the good thing is I would say that the club and Peter Tom (Executive Chairman) especially and Geordan and everyone else like that have all been very open.”And some things they can answer because they just cannot because we don know what we entail for the next three or four weeks, we don know if we going to finish the season off, I hope we will.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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