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At 10:15 am, the BSE Sensex was down by 40 points to 25,941 while the Nifty 50 edged lower by 20 points to 7,591. Sectoral indices at the National Stock Exchange were mixed with Nifty IT ticking up by 4.1 per cent, pharma by 2.8 per cent, and FMCG by 1.5 per cent. But Nifty private bank was down by 1.4 per cent and realty by 1.3 per cent..

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canada goose clearance sale One can picture it in the following way. One can think of ordinary, real, time as a horizontal line. On the left, one has the past, and on the right, the future. Throughout discussions it had been “signalled that progress cannot be made [on the deal] until the Commonwealth’s various needs are met”, he said.An overview of land earmarked for redevelopment around City Hill and West Basin. Picture: SuppliedHe refused to provide any details on the location of the inner south site. The Canberra Times understands a key sticking point has the been the value of that site, compared with the value of the lake bed.Curtin has been mentioned as the location of the possible embassy site, but that has yet to be confirmed.A spokeswoman said that more than six months ago, Mr Barr had advised the territory government was putting off discussions about the West Basin land swap until after the May 18 federal election.She said the “current allocation for diplomatic land was not sufficient” to meet current or future demand for embassies.”The provision of adequate land supply for establishment of new or expansion of existing embassies is essential if Australia is to remain an effective voice in international affairs,” she said canada goose clearance sale.