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This bad business ethics example by McDonald is what is known as the Legislation in popular parlance. In 1972, Ray Kroc, the company’s founder made a rare donation of $250,000 to Nixon reelection campaign and in return got a favorable legislation that allowed companies such as McDonald to pay teenage employees 20 percent less than federal minimum wages. Most observers consider this a typical case of corporate influence on lawmakers to enact legislation that serve their selfish ends and harm society..

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The win tonight is extremely important for the Grizzlies. It’s not that I don’t think they can win a playoff game in Portland I believe that they can and probably will but Game 1 was bad for the Blazers’ confidence, and a win tonight would put them right back in “we believe we can win” territory. The saying is that “It’s not a series until someone wins a road game.” If that’s really true, the Griz would do well to keep this from becoming a series, and if these five questions get the answers the Griz are looking for, they can do just that..

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April 29: Oil reaches marshes in Venice, La. Meanwhile, two companies contracted by the state of Alabama begin laying boom along the state’s shoreline, covering about 7 miles. Is going to be a steep learning curve for all of us, Tom Herder, watershed protection coordinator with the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program, says of the situation.

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