South End

Over the last decade, Greensboro has witnessed the stunning turn-around of South Elm Street. The forgotten end of Greensboro’s “main drag” suffered from years of neglect beginning with the migration to the suburbs in the 1960s and ‘70s and continuing through the ‘90s. Until some ambitious developers saw the potential in the many historical properties of the neighborhood and began reviving the neighborhood.

Among them, AZ Development has been one of the most energetic champions. In just a few short years the company has transformed the once-dodgy West Lewis Street corridor into a bustling area of business and commerce that includes The Forge makerspace, Gibbs Brewery, Transform Greensboro and soon-to-open office/retail space that front Elm Street. These enterprises add lively diversity to what is quickly becoming the city’s most dynamic, creative neighborhood. And now, with AZ Development’s restoration of the Gateway Building, Greensboro’s South End now has inspiring office and entrepreneurial space whose character and mission is in keeping with the spirt of the neighborhood.